Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Greenhouse Gas GHG Emissions US EPA.
Greenhouse gas emissions from this sector come from direct emissions including fossil fuel combustion for heating and cooking needs, management of waste and wastewater, and leaks from refrigerants in homes and businesses as well as indirect emissions that occur offsite but are associated with use of electricity consumed by homes and businesses.
EMISSION meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
emissions of sth The bill is intended to lower emissions of greenhouse gases. cut/reduce/limit emissions Many countries are reluctant to cut emissions if it means sacrificing economic growth. emission cuts / reductions / control. California's' emissions standards would cut global warming emissions nearly 30% by year 2016.
Emission Definition of Emission by Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster Logo.
emission mi-shn Kids Definition of emission. 1: the act of giving off The energy plant is reducing the emission of harmful gases. 2: something that is given off Scientists can record radio emissions from far-off stars. emission mish-n Medical Definition of emission.
emission Wiktionary.
Something which is emitted or sent out; issue. the emission was mostly blood. The act of emitting; the act of sending forth or putting into circulation. the emission of light from the sun. the emission of heat from a fire.
Emission definition of emission by The Free Dictionary.
secondary emission the emission of electrons from a surface that is bombarded by higher energy primary electrons. thermal emission, thermionic emission the emission of electrons from very hot substances. emission any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body; the" discharge of pus."
Emission Wikipedia.
Emission radiocommunications, a radio signal usually modulated emitted from a radio transmitter. Emission coefficient, a coefficient in the power output per unit time of an electromagnetic source. Emission line, or spectral" line, a dark or bright line in an otherwise uniform and continuous spectrum.

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